Eternal GardenWelcome to the Eternal Garden.
Eternal Garden is a 7 song audio-visual experience that follows excerpts of a deep-rooted narrative.
Eternal Garden NFT holders can unlock the music and the story here:
What is Eternal Garden?
Eternal Garden is a 7 song audio-visual experience that follows excerpts of a deep-rooted narrative.
Eternal Garden consists of 7 songs, 7 visuals, and 7 Forbidden Fruits.
Who created Eternal Garden?
Eternal Garden was written, produced, performed, mixed, and mastered by TK.

"Waiting" includes additional vocals by Refi.
"Fantasy" includes production by Aidan Graven.
"Never Forget" includes production by Brett White.

The artwork was created using trained AI technology overlayed with 3D assets by Karey.
Why was Eternal Garden created?
Let’s build a world.

Eternal Garden is a manifestation of my inner-most desires. At my core, i’m a storyteller, and I’ve always had a passion for being a part of something greater than myself. I make music as an expression of my ideals, principles and beliefs: Love, Empathy, and Unity. For these reasons I am invariably intentional about how I make music and how it is presented.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I take my personal diaries and build worlds out of every passage. My music is just as much an expression as it is a journey of self-discovery, and bringing you along for the adventure is so much more fulfilling.

In a world of 24/7 news cycles, algorithms, and trending topics, it’s harder than ever to make meaningful art that can cut through the noise. The pressure to conform to the status quo weighs heavier than ever. Web3 has given me the freedom to express my artistry authentically and share my stories with anyone who will listen. Releasing Eternal Garden as one cohesive project was important to me. I want to represent the artists who are intentional about their work and remain true to themselves. I want the music, the narrative, and the message to come across clearly and eloquently. I want to leave a legacy that extends far beyond the reach of my voice. I want to leave heirs to a throne built upon the foundation of my essence. I want to make my future self proud.

I’ve always been a risk taker. A pathfinder of new possibilities. Because everything you want is on the other side of comfort. For that reason, I want to thank you all for taking the hard road with me, because at the summit is a vision for the world that perhaps only we will ever see. I’m delighted to explore the world of Eternal Garden with you all for the foreseeable future. Get ready.

This is just the beginning.
What is the total supply?
Eternal Garden has a total supply of 700 NFTs.

7 Songs.
7 Visuals.
7 Forbidden Fruits.
When is the reveal?
Eternal Garden collectors will mint a pre-reveal asset called the Eternal Flower.
Upon sellout, the true Eternal Garden NFTs will be revealed to their respective collectors.
What's the utility?
The utility of Eternal Garden will evolve over time...

To start, I’ve partnered with a few of the most innovative & cutting edge platforms, protocols, and DAOs in web3, to create unique experiences and earning mechanisms for all things Eternal Garden:

Lens Protocol

Lens is an open-source social graph created to reshape the future of social media in Web3.

  • All Eternal Garden NFT holders will be allowlisted to claim their own unique .lens handle.
  • Immediate access to Eternal Garden communities, content, and activations across various Lens applications.
  • Access to Eternal Garden x AAVE IRL activations.



SymphonyOS is the easiest way to grow your fanbase with automated marketing. Their team has run marketing campaigns for some of today’s top artists including SZA, 21 Savage, Chance the Rapper, and Future.

Symphony is offering Eternal Garden NFTs these special perks:

  • 2 months free subscription to Symphony Pro
  • A 1:1 call with Symphony’s team to create a customized rollout plan and marketing strategy.


More to come...
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